What does Wifix do?

Wifix is a company that operates in the Leuven region and will be located in Hasselt. We repair all commonly used types of smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops.

How does it work?

You contact us via Facebook, Messenger, phone, message... Then we'll make an appointment and our messenger will come to your home, work or any other place that suits you best ...along. There it picks up your damaged device to take to our workshop. There the phone will be repaired and delivered back to you as soon as possible. Of course you can go to always come by yourself.

What can we fix?

We replace all broken parts of a smartphone and deliver the phone back. Ready to use. Please note that we do not repair damaged parts. Appliances that water damage will not be repaired anyway when the defects are linked to it are.

Why choose Wifix?

Our technicians have a lot of experience in repairing all kinds of smartphones. On top of that, we provide a customized service, we only charge for the service you request. repairs and no supplements. In addition, we will visit you and we'll save you the displacement! Of course there is also the possibility to visit us yourself. come.


Wifix gives a 12-month warranty on all parts it has replaced. Please note, this warranty is only valid for the proper functioning or not of the part, the warranty is not valid for new physical or water damage to the device that occurs after the repair. For repairs of batteries a warranty of 6 months applies.

Face and Finger ID

Wifix tries to provide the best service to the customer. Unfortunately we notice that with appliances that are brought in, not always everything works anymore. The parts Face or Finger ID fall not under warranty. This is because we notice that in the event of fall or impact damage, these parts along with can damage it. These parts may still work after the fall, but the connectors that associated with this can cause a malfunction when disconnected.

Wifix goes to extremes and tries to come to a solution. If this does not succeed, the customer the screen that has been repaired is completely free of charge for the next time it is repaired.

Original quality - Premium quality

We try to make our prices as interesting as possible for everyone. That's why there are the possibility to choose a cheaper alternative for screen repairs. The premium quality screens are the screens with a slightly lower quality, but these function in exactly the same way as the original. However, one does notice that the 3D touch something can be less sensitive. These screens will also damage back more quickly in the event of a fall or impact damage. Depending on the value of the device, you may want to consider for choose a premium screen. An alternative solution for cheaper to leave your screen recover.

With the original screens we work in most cases with original, in some cases these could be OEM screens. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, these screens are not 100% similar to the original screens, but are the closest to by the original.